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# wayward-hand

Eva Today at 9:18 AM

Why is Oridi banned from the Candlelight Inn again?

Overworld Today at 9:19 AM

Oridi was caught robbing a member of the city watch named Kellin. The ensuing fight destroyed the innkeeper's favorite mug.

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# Eryndor

Eva Today at 9:18 AM

I need a cult that worships fire. They're based near Iskar.

Overworld Today at 9:19 AM

The Scouring Flame has been in hiding since Elric sealed the Ashen One. The Flame seeks to release the volcanic god chained within the Shatterspine Mountains so it can burn the world.

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# session-zero

Jax Today at 9:18 AM

Could I be a rogue that was raised by a dragon?

Overworld Today at 9:19 AM

Merrick was taken from his home by accident when Kallix raided his hometown. Amused by Merrick's greed, the dragon teaches him the art of thievery, so long as Merrick keeps adding to the hoard...

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