Our goal is to help more people become worldbuilders and storytellers. Whether you're a game master, content creator, or just a daydreamer, you've got worlds inside you! We create technology that empowers everyone to find their creativity and build community.

Headshot of Dru


Founder / CEO

Dru is a tech industry veteran with 10 years of experience at Google, Airtable, and Grammarly. Dru is a game master, amateur writer, and super nerd.


  • D&D classes: Warlock + Sorcerer, Assassin Rogue
  • Books / Manga: Wheel of Time, One Piece
  • TV / Anime: Gurren Lagann, Arcane, The Expanse

Fun fact

The first time Dru was ever grounded was for hiding books in the "time-out" corner to read when he got in trouble.

Headshot of Robert


Founder / CTO

Robert is a startup veteran with the battle scars to prove it. He enjoys reading comp sci and math textbooks, once edited a series of graphic novels on the history of China, and is an active contributor to OpenStreetMaps.


  • Books & Comics: Mistborn, Sanmao
  • TV & Anime: Vinland Saga, Patriot, Justified
  • Arsenal Football Club: (So special it gets its own category)

Fun fact

Robert once won a Reading Rainbow competition about a Viking named Oaf (his parents misspelled Olaf on his birth certificate) who invaded Paris for a chocolate croissant.