General usage

Overworld is available as a bot on Discord. You can join our public server or add Overworld to any existing communities. Overworld has three commands:

  • /world: Turn any channel into a new world. This command runs a setup flow that lets you pick details about your world like genre and tone, then helps you seed the world with starting Lore.
  • /lore: After creating a world, run this command to expand your world and go on interactive adventures. This is the command you'll use the most!
  • /account: View details about your subscription. For users on the adventurer tier, this command lets you see how many Lore Fragments you have left for the day.

Lore and Lore Fragments

Lore is every fact about your world and the characters within it. Everytime you interact with Overworld, it automatically saves any new information about your world to use in future creation. Lore is created when you go on adventures, listen to tales, or by talking to the archivist to add lore directly. Once a fact is saved into Lore, it will be used everywhere!

A Lore Fragment is a single piece of narration from Overworld. Users on the adventurer tier have 10 Lore Fragments per day:

  • Tales: A Lore Fragment is used to answer each of your questions.
  • Adventures: A Lore Fragment is used when Overworld introduces the adventure and whenever it narrates what happens next.
  • Archives: A Lore Fragment is used whenever Overworld answers one of your questions or creates a new piece of Lore that you requested.

Note: Lore Fragments are also used whenever you edit Overworld's response.

Something happened that I don't like! How do I change it?

If Overworld generates something that you don't want to be part of your world, it's easy to fix!

If the Lore was created in an Adventure, the easiest thing to do is ask Overworld to remove the entire Adventure from the Archives, using the button at the start of the Thread.

If you want to remove something more specific, you can delete individual facts by running /lore, selecting Consult the Archives and then deleting individual records.